Typescript support for phoenix

For those interested in using Typescript with phoenix, my submission to https://github.com/typings/typings was just merged. Install the definition as follows:

typings install --save phoenix

The source definition can also be located directly at https://github.com/akeating/typed-phoenix. Please do open an issue if you encounter any problems.


I’m used to phoenix, and now I’m trying out angular2 with it. As a consequence, I’m trying typescript to go with the angular2.

Knowing next to nothing about typescript, when will I need and how do I use the above typescript definitions? Do I need the above to use typescript in phoenix (does that install typescript?) or is this more of a module/library to help do phoenix related things?

I just don’t want to over complicate things at first.

I’m currently just using brunch/bower to get angular2 but don’t know about the typescript side of it.

It provides type information for phoenix channels, presence etc. so you can get type checking for code that uses them.

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