Typo in Programming Phoenix 1.4 Beta?

On p. 38 of the book the example code uses “phx-hero” as shown below. However, to correctly display the example browser image you would need “jumbotron”.

<%= gettext "Welcome to %{name}!", name: "Rumbl.io" %>

Rumbl out loud.

Is this an oversight (if so happy to just flag for the authors!) or am I missing something?

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You aren’t using Phoenix 1.4 but an earlier version.

In 1.4 phoenix.css includes milligram 1.3.0 and later defines the phx-hero class.


In 1.3.2 phoenix.css includes Bootstrap 3.3.5 which defines the jumbotron class.

I describe how to convert a 1.3.2 project from Brunch to webpack here - which also uses the new assets.


Doh! Thank you for the links. Very helpful.

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