:tzdata_release_updater process has over 800_000_000 reductions - is it expected?

Restarting a live app, I can see in LiveView dashboard (Processes tab) that :tzdata_release_updater process is using 416 KB of memory and yet has over 800_000_000 (0.8 billion) “reductions”.

  1. What is a “reduction”, when we are talking about processes?
  2. Is it normal to have so many reductions for a single process?

I don’t think this is causing me any problems but I want to understand what it means.

Unit of computation in Erlang. You can read it as “instructions” executed by the VM for given process.

In long running processes - nothing terrible, in short-lived it could mean that you have infinite loop somewhere.

If you do not see any issues in application, then there is nothing to worry.