Ueberauth adding #_=_ to the end of the URL

I am using ueberauth facebook authentication for my application and after I go through the facebook login flow and I am successfully authenticated, the characters: #= pop up on to the end of the URL.
I am just wondering why this is and how to stop it from happening?


nothing to do with uberauth

Ahh okay thanks!
Any idea how to fix this within elixir/ueberauth without using JS?

This part of url starting with # is caed “fragment identifier”. It is not sent to the server with request.

I would first test if the solution from FB docs really does not work. Maybe they fixed it. If not and you want it gone - use JS.

I’m still a newbie to elixir & phoenix so I’m not exactly sure how to implement facebooks solution. I know I have to set the redirect_uri in my request but this (to my limited to my knowledge) is being handled somewhere within Ueberauth.

Read this:

I am unsure if what you want to do is currently possible on stock uberauth. Either you can use fork or use JavaScript I am afraid…