ueberauth customize token_url

Hi guys,
I’m using ueberauth framework with auth0 Strategy ( Authorization Code Flow to be specific). Do you know if there is a way to customise token_url? I mean looking at configuration is not possible to have token url on a different domain…

  domain = get_config_value(configs[:domain])
    client_id = get_config_value(configs[:client_id])
    client_secret = get_config_value(configs[:client_secret])

    serializers = %{
      "application/json" => Ueberauth.json_library(otp_app)

    opts = [
      strategy: __MODULE__,
      site: "https://#{domain}",
      authorize_url: "https://#{domain}/authorize",
      token_url: "https://#{domain}/oauth/token",
      userinfo_url: "https://#{domain}/userinfo",
      client_id: client_id,
      client_secret: client_secret,
      serializers: serializers

what about if I have it on a different domain? is it wrong? Because looks like is not difficult to implement a way to customize it, but the fact that there isn’t make me doubtful