Ukaza Perdana - looking for remote Elixir job.

Hi, my name is Ukaza Perdana, I am a software developer based in Indonesia (UTC+7). I am looking for Elixir job, remote preferred, but I’m willing to relocate within Asia/Oceania/Europe if so required.

I have been using and familiar with:

  • Elixir for 2+ years (OTP, Phoenix, and a bit of Erlang)
  • Ruby for 6+ years (Rails, Sinatra, etc.)
  • passable JavaScript knowledge (jQuery and old version of React in 2016-2018; I don’t do as much frontend work these days).

I have experience in B2B SaaS, smart city/mobility projects, and in the last job I helped develop a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. I have built the following components for the exchange:

  • Order Management System which accepts users’ trade orders and manage their lifecycle
  • Risk Engine which is a critical component for preventing execution of withdrawal/trades exceeding user’s buying power; implemented bespoke API roughly based on Redis protocol using Thousand Island socket server
  • OMS-to-Matching Engine connector that is fault-tolerant (using OTP building blocks and ZeroMQ binary star pattern)
  • VerneMQ plugins for custom functionalities (VerneMQ is an Erlang-based MQTT broker, which we use for the bulk of communications and streams between the backend services and the frontend app).

Interested? Here are my latest resume and contact details: