Unable to generate HTML report using ExUnitNotifier in Elixir Exunit tests

Hi team,

I’m trying to generate test reports in html format using ExUnitNotifier. the command i used is

mix test test/sqlData_test.exs --formatter ExUnitNotifier.HTML

but the test_results.html file is not getting generated. Please help in resolving this,


Hi @venkateshsatturi welcome! Can you show any docs you know of for ExUnitNotifier? Search — ExUnitNotifier v1.2.0 shows no info for HTML, I don’t understand where --formatter ExUnitNotifier.HTML is coming from.

Hi @benwilson512 - I have explored and found that reference in chat GPT. I understand now that it is incorrect

In general, and particularly with Elixir, I would take anything ChatGPT “says” with a big grain of salt. It hallucinates quite a lot of stuff in Elixir. Definitely give anything it says at least a basic google as a sanity check.