Unable to hit rule in PlugAttack

I am trying to block people from accessing some blacklisted extensions and routes by using this dep GitHub - michalmuskala/plug_attack: A plug building toolkit for blocking and throttling abusive requests.

I am following this article Paraxial.io - Bot Detection and Prevention for Elixir Phoenix Applications

These are my config:

# router.ex
pipeline :plug_attack do

scope "/", MyAppWeb do
  pipe_through([:browser, :plug_attack])

# application.ex
@impl true
def start(_type, _args) do
  children = [
    {PlugAttack.Storage.Ets, name: MyApp.PlugAttack.Storage, clean_period: 60_000},
# plug_attack.ex
defmodule MyApp.PlugAttack do
  use PlugAttack

  @list_blacklisted_extensions [".env", ".php", ".jsp"]

  # Blocks IPs on spamming blacklisted extensions
  rule "throttle spam requests", conn do
    IO.inspect("throttle spam requests") # This line cant even be hit 
    if conn.path_info
       |> Enum.map(&String.contains?(&1, @list_blacklisted_extensions))
       |> Enum.member?(true) do
      IO.inspect(conn, label: "[DEBUG] PA conn")
        period: 60_000,
        limit: 10,
        storage: {PlugAttack.Storage.Ets, MyApp.PlugAttack.Storage}

I tried to run curl -v -k http://localhost:4000/admin/indice.php, but I could not see any logs of “throttle spam requests” in my terminal …

Hope anyone out there could help me with this please.

many thanks for considering my request. :heart:

Best wishes,
Jing Hui PANG