Unable to instruct ExVCR to records two PUT requests

This is the first time that I am unable to get ExVCR to two PUT records requests. Here is my test setup ex_azure_storage/azure_blob_test.exs at lease-blob · csokun/ex_azure_storage · GitHub

If I uncomment my arrange block, ExVCR record only contains the first PUT request ex_azure_storage/acquire_lease_blob_with_setup.json at lease-blob · csokun/ex_azure_storage · GitHub

If I comment arrange block, then ExVCR record my second PUT request ex_azure_storage/acquire_lease_blob.json at lease-blob · csokun/ex_azure_storage · GitHub

However, I expect ExVCR to record both requests not sure what I’ve done wrong.

Found out the problem from ExVCR README.

ExVCR uses URL parameter to match request and cassettes. The url parameter in the JSON file is taken as regexp string.

In my case, the fix is as simple as adding match_requests_on: [:query] as explained in this example GitHub - parroty/exvcr: HTTP request/response recording library for elixir, inspired by VCR.