Unable to join the Slack channel


When I click the “Elixir on Slack” link on The Elixir programming language (elixir-lang.org), Slack tells me “(my email) doesn’t have an account on this workspace.”

I didn’t see anything in this forum that I was obviously missing. There is a recent thread on r/elixir with the same issue and no resolution.

I made my own workspace in Slack, tried again, and got the same results.

I wonder if the recent Heroku changes took this offline? https://elixir-slackin.herokuapp.com/

(Not to be a huge tangent, but which is the most active for Elixir? Slack, Discord, IRC, other?)

There was a thread about this a little while ago - looks like you need to log out and back in again:

My bad, I missed that post.

I may be an edge case as a new user to the Slack channel.

I did try logging out of Slack (my workspace / my only channel), back in, and got the same results.

Ah right… maybe a slack admin can help you - cc//@DianaOlympos :slight_smile:

That only helps for people having had an account before. To get an invite atm I think one needs to be invited by someone on the slack. The inviter app is broken due to other reasons besides the heroku pricing change. Not sure what the state of fixing that is.

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Here’s an invite if you’re still looking for one: Slack

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I’m in, thank you so much!

Hello all! Could someone also send me an invite to the Slack channel? Thanks!

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ideally somebody could fix the invite problem and not have to hand out invites manually

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Here’s a fresh invite link: Slack



Could somebody post a new invitation link to the slack channel please? The existing ones here seem to have expired.

Here you go! invite link

That link is valid for up to 400 people and is set to not expire.


Running into same access problem.

Anyone have another invite link?

Does the link I posted above not work for you?

It did work! Thank you. For some reason the first time I tried it, it did not.

Great! Welcome to the Slack! :wave:

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For anyone following this, @sorentwo has created a small site that will round-robin between invitation links to the slack! :tada:

You can access it at: https://elixir-slack.community/

It’s powered by a tiny plug app: GitHub - sorentwo/elixir-slack: Round-robin invites to the official [Elixir Slack](https://elixir-lang.slack.com)