Unable to save h624 files with Membrane

I have another application that runs sfu and I created plain transport to forward the streams to membrane pipeline to save the stream in h264 files.

The problem is that the sfu app is indeed sending stream (sentbuffer in transport state is showing value > 0) but I always get a 0 byte file in membrane server… I don’t understand why

Though the same pipeline is working (saving h264 files) when it’s from another source (eg: it’s
working with gstreamer launch udpsink command)

P.S.1: my pipeline is similar to this image and Im using membrae core 10.

P.S.2: im new to the forum, should I print code or something?

I’m suspecting it’s got something to do with the rtp capabilities with the sfu server, since it’s sending a payload type different from what “Membrane.RTP.SessionBin” have
(eg: payload type in new_rtp_stream is supposed to be 96 for videos, but the sfu server is sending 101 or sthg else), I wonder how am I supposed to tune membrane to handle video streams with a range of payload types…


Hi @mariembenslama. Sorry for the late response, do you still have that issue? If you could provide code, that would be nice - this indeed looks like problem related to the caps.

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