Unable to stop logging in console while debugging

Hi everyone,

I am trying to debug with IEx.pry but console logging won’t stop. I get the following output:

Please note info: compiling… message repeating over and over again.

I tried with the logger level but unable to stop it.

Any help is appreciated.

Best regards.

You probably have files autosaving causing these things to be recompiled because of phoenix. What is the Logger.level you see in your iex? If it is below or equal to :info these messages will be printed. You could try setting it to :warn

They don’t look like elixir’s Logger messages. I think brunch produces those.

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Thanks for you help. I will try logger levels and check the Brunch auto save option and let you know what works best.

I just wanted to give an update in this situation:

  1. The constant log “info: compiling” comes from brunch
  2. This happens when brunch is unable to find a file that was referenced in the config files. Apparently brunch keeps searching for the file in a infinite loop.

Thanks for the help.

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