Understanding S3 Amazon use with Images

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I’m currently trying to learn how to upload, delete and show an image within a React component. I was hoping to get some help better understanding S3.

I’ve been following https://www.poeticoding.com/aws-s3-in-elixir-with-exaws/ this tutorial and was wondering. When we upload an image to S3, we should normally save the path we created for the image? Doesn’t that have security concern and if yes, how should I go about to send information to the frontend in order to show the image?

Images that are being uploaded currently aren’t a secure concern as it’s a product image. Image pants, shirts etc. Just want to better understand how one should use S3 amazon when trying to upload images to the cloud and what approach should be considered when showing what has been uploaded. Whether it is okay to pass the URL page up or should it not be shown (somehow).

Sorry if I’m mumbling but please ask if I didn’t make sense. Also thank you for the help with what I should consider in regards to security and also how I should approach to show an image on the frontend after saving to Amazon S3. Thank you :smiley: