Update: Three weeks, 500 members and mod nominations!

Well done everyone, we’ve just passed the 500 member mark! :023:

We are also three weeks old today :003:

Now that we have passed this important milestone, I think we should look at putting together our mod team - and that’s where we need your help, mod nominations!

If you feel a member of the community would make a good moderator, please let me know by PM’ing me their names with any additional comments/info.

Mods usually have two main responsibilities, to help the community (by being friendly, welcoming, helpful, etc) and to help the forum (moving threads to appropriate sections, renaming thread titles, removing spam, etc) so please bear this in mind when nominating.

You can view the member’s list by who has read a lot and who has made good contributions to the forum - both usually good indicators of potential mod material. You can also nominate yourself.

I think we can aim for 3 mods :smiley: that should be enough to watch the forum over all time zones and share the workload. And don’t worry, if you receive a lot of nomination, are asked, but just don’t have the time, we know not everyone has the time (or inclination).

If you don’t have PM access yet, just spend 10 minutes or so reading some threads - that usually gets you up to Trust Level 1 which is required to use the PM system.


Is there a deadline for nominations or am I simply blind that I can’t find it in the post?

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You’re not blind :lol:

I think we can give it about a week? Most members should have seen this by then :smiley: