Updated Code Example (1.6) of Chris Mccords Twitter Tutorial

Hey guys, I went through Chris McCords Twitter clone video and made the code that shows the 1.6 version, along with doing a broadcast delete. Not sure how best practice the delete is, but everything is functional.

I guess this is really for those who are looking for up to date info since the syntax change of 1.6

1.6 Github Repo

If you think it’d be helpful, I’d be down to record this video and go through my code, let me know!


That would be great, although due to the big effort involved you could wait a little bit more until next version of LiveView with the new Component API is out.

Thanks for the effort!

That does help keep the memory and data-transfer footprints down when doing phx-update="prepend" with temporary_assigns since the list comprehension over posts can just send the deleted post to the relevant PostComponent and all the action sends to the client is

    0: "display:none;"
    4: "<a data-phx-link=\"patch\" data-phx-link-state=\"push\" href=\"/posts/1/edit\">Edit</a>"
    8: "Yes"

Otherwise you’d have to manually update the list stored in memory and remove the list item, or hit the DB to get all fresh posts and send all data again.

So it’s a nice convenience for deleting from a list, but I can’t see the temporary_assigns technique working with inserts when ordering is more complex, e.g. alphabetically by name.

Also, the idiomatic way to get the meta state is Ecto.get_meta(post, :state)

Hey Juan, thanks for the reply. I think I’ve implemented the delete functionality the way you said, unless I’m missing something. Otherwise, can you send me a snippet of what you mean? I’d really like to make this a best practice thing. I’m also considering making a guide much similar to Rails Guides if I’m able to gather enough resources, and guidance :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idiomatic way of doing things, there’s always something new to learn. haha

Sorry, sometimes I feel I don’t explain things as well as it sounds in my head. Could you elaborate on your confusion?

I think your implementation of delete is correct when using temporary_assigns.

All good! Sometimes my reading comprehension isn’t the best either. You answered my question :slight_smile:

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