Updating metatags in Phoenix LiveView (rel canonical etc)


I have an e-commerce site and I migrated the site’s search results pages to use LiveView. Users can paginate the search results, and the liveview uses push_patch to update the url with a page param like fakestore.com/search?page=1

I want to be able to canonicalize the search results pages such that fakestore.com/search?page=1 or fakestore.com/search?page=2 or fakestore.com/search?page=n… all point to the same canonical url.

I am having a difficult time figuring out how to add a rel=canonical link to the head of the page. The LiveView in question inherits from a root.html layout that stores all of the static metatags, but I can’t simply put the rel=canonical in root.html because that root layout is shared across many other pages, and I only want the rel=canonical to apply to the search results page.

What is the best method for passing information from a LiveView to the layout?

One idea I have is ditching the live "path" LiveView call in the router and instead use regular controllers/templates. Then, in the controller, I would be able to pass some information about rel=canonical to the conn, and pull that information off of the conn in the root layout. Then I could use live_render to render the liveview from within the controller. However, I would really prefer to avoid making changes like these just for this use case.

Thanks for the help!


No good news: but the live title doc gives some advice here:

There is no need to update canonical on live patches. Canonical is used by search engines and search engines won’t rely on live navigation. Instead, they will render the whole page, which will always contain the proper canonical from the initial render.

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