Upgrade mental block: implicit assigns in live_component do-blocks is deprecated

Hi all, I’m trying to upgrade an old project LV14 up to LV16 at least.

One of the warnings is implicit assigns in live_component do-blocks is deprecated
With an example; which I think is a brilliant helping step.

However in the case, I have a bit of a mental block on how to tackle it with the code as is. Here is an example, rightly or wrongly there is a modal component that wraps another component.

<%= live_component HillWeb.ModalComponent, id: ComponentID.modal, session_id: @session_id do %>
  <%= live_component HillWeb.MeasurementsComponent, id: :measurement_modal, session_id: @session_id, modal_data: @modal_data, path_info: [""] %>
<% end %>

I can’t quite figure out how to upgrade this to avoid implicit assigns in do-blocks. Anyone give me a clue on the missing step?

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I’m running into this same issue, I have something like:

 def render(assigns) do
    <%= live_component FormGroupComponent, f: @f, field: @field, label: @label, group_classes: @group_classes do %>
        options = assigns
        |> Map.get(:other_options, [])
        |> Keyword.merge([class: control_classes(@f, @field, @select_classes)])
      <%= select @f, @field, @options, options %>
    <% end %>

Based on the warning message if I add:
<% f -> %> just below the live_component do block, without changing anything else, the warning goes away. I don’t understand why, or what this is specifically asking me to do. I’d like a bit more understanding of this before I commit anything.

I ended up jumping to 0.17 and then solving it via a code block like this:


That works for us now. But I did essentially give up at 0.16 and getting a clean compile. Glad I pushed onto 0.17 it’s feeling worth it now a few weeks later. HTH.