Use ash_sqlite for mssql and Ecto.Adapter.Tds

This is what I did to use ash_sqlite with mssql and Ecto.Adapter.Tds after asking about mssql in the discord.

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We should finish the find and replace and publish a new repo for it at some point :slight_smile:


Yes please do. I’m interested in integrating my app to an Oracle Primavera P6 server instantiated on MSSQL and would be very keen to guinea-pig the library.


After reading this post, I don’t know if we should start with AshPostgres or AshSqlite as a base for MSSQL.

It depends TBH. I don’t know much about MSSQL myself. Can it do lateral joins? Is there a function for raising errors (like RAISE EXCEPTION in pg)? Does it do save points? If so, copying postgres would be the best starting point. Otherwise, I’d probably start w/ ash_sqlite.