Use of Phoenix logo in my book cover and copyrights


I am designing the cover page for my book Phoenix Inside Out. Can I use the Phoenix framework logo on the cover? What information should I provide to avoid copyright issue?


I wasn’t able to find a license for the logo, but since @chrismccord is listed as the owner of the copyright for phoenix’ sourcecode, I think we should ask him for further clarification?

But in general, when you have questions about using some logo or text from a web page or a project you should ask the projects/websites maintainer by mail instead of people in an unrelated forum.

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Norbert is correct in saying you’d need to contact the copyright holder.

Generally speaking, the answer is usually no unless it is an official product (/one by the copyright holder), so in your case you will most likely need to come up with your own book design.

Same applies to all other products too - such as websites, mailers, apps etc.

Fair use applies to things like reviews/news coverage/inclusion in some videos/talks (but not as or part of actual logo) etc.

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Yes, I have written to @chrismccord. The reason I asked here is because it might be also a resource for other having the same question.

Thanks @AstonJ and @NobbZ for chipping in.