User permissions checks and Ecto caching

I need to implement some permission check logic for my application, but I want to try to keep it decoupled from the rest business logic.

So let’s say I have User and Organisation models in my app. These entities are related to each other as “many to many”. When user tries to do something with the organisation I want to check if this user is a member of organisation or not
So my idea to implement some plug that will fetch User and Organisation and do the check in the following manner:

def check_is_member(conn, %{"organisation_id" => org_id}) do #org_id is fetch from request path param
   user = conn.assigns[:current_user]
   organisation = Organisations.get!(org_id) #database select
   if not Organisations.has_member(organisation, do
     raise Forbidden

and then use this plug in router like this:

pipeline :organisation_related do

scope "/:organisation_id", MyAppWeb do
   pipe_through :organisation_related
   resources "/",  OrganisationController, only: [:show]

and `MyApp.OrganisationController has this function

def show(organisation_id) do
   Organisation.get!(org_id) # one more database select!

So I initiate one database query on the level of the plug just for checking permissions. And then, when controller logic performs, one more query will be performed on the level of actual business logic.

My question is: will Ecto cache the result of the first query to reuse it for the second one? How many actual SELECTs will be performed here?

In this approach, I really like that permission check logic is completely decoupled from what controller and underlying Contexts do. But I’m very worried about the database load.

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No. Ecto do not cache anything on its own.

Each call to Repo.get! will result in query being sent to the DB.


I see, ok, thank you.
I used to the situation when ORM does too much :smiley:

But here everything is quite explicitly at least, which is good.

Only thing that can be cached OotB are queries if you are using default prepared statements configuration. It can bite in the arse sometimes (when there is suboptimal plan created). However that is rather feature of the adapter, not Ecto per-se. But other than that, there is no built-in caching.

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