Users restriction and authorization in Phoenix 1.7.11

How to make my page is only available for user member not the guest?

I have 5 pages

  1. Home
  2. Products
  3. Pricing
  4. About
  5. Reseller

I mean for page Reseller is only for registered user not for guests

I’ve used this guides below but something weird, i mean when i try to log out, it’s showing error not go back to home but still in localhost:4000/users/ not go back to localhost:4000

when using the guides above, in phoenix 1.7.11 has 2 option when generate authorization, i choose the option using live view not phoenix controller classic

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Hey, me again :upside_down_face:

Ya that article is out of date (at least for LiveView). There was actually one published two days ago on this topic from Hashrocket here.

Once you understand it you can optionally use a library like let_me or Janus. There are some other ones too which I think are more well-known but I’m not familiar with them. Rolling your own is good too, though. Authorization isn’t the most complicated thing, especially in Elixir with pattern matching, but the libs definitely have some nice benefits.


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