Using a usb cell modem with nerves / vintage_net

I am working on a project that needs to be able to connect in places without wifi. I have been trying to get a usb cell modem to work as a network interface in nerves but I cant seem to get it to connect. I have been able to get the connection with no issue on a standard rasbian image as well as my dev machine so I must be missing some key config in the vintage_net side of things. Has anyone else tried to do something similar with a usb-cell stick on nerves?

Here is the device I am trying to connect with

You will probably need to add driver support for it in Buildroot. Best bet would be to figure out what chipset the modem is using and see if there is driver support for it in Busybox. You can use the configuration wizard through Nerves, docs here,

Also check out the mobile repo,

You could always add support there, so everyone benefits as well.

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Thanks for the info! It looks like someone else is working on an implementation for the E3372: