Using Argon2 or Bcrypt functions on Windows


I am new to Elixir/Phoenix and I am trying to complete a course that uses password hashing. I’ve tried installing both “bcrypt_elixir” and “argon2_elixir” (both version 3.0.0) and I get an error whenever I attempt to send a query that will hash the password. I am using Windows 10 with VS code 1.68.

I was able to run mix phx.server on the VS code developer command prompt, but whenever running the query I get the error. The query is being run in the grapghql playground. Running mix phx.server in any other shell was throwing a compilation error.

Below is the hashing function I am using.

 defp hash_password(%Ecto.Changeset{} = changeset) do
    case changeset do
      %Ecto.Changeset{valid?: true, changes: %{password: password}} ->
        put_change(changeset, :password, Bcrypt.hash_pwd_salt(password))
      _ -> changeset

The error I am getting is below. I’ve read other threads, but I am lost as to what I need to do. Any assistance is appreciated!

** (exit) an exception was raised:
    ** (UndefinedFunctionError) function Bcrypt.Base.gen_salt/2 is undefined (module Bcrypt.Base is not available)
        (bcrypt_elixir 3.0.0) Bcrypt.Base.gen_salt(12, false)
        (bcrypt_elixir 3.0.0) lib/bcrypt.ex:77: Bcrypt.hash_pwd_salt/2
        (graphql_chat 0.1.0) lib/graphql_chat/auth/user.ex:34: GraphqlChat.Auth.User.hash_password/1
        (graphql_chat 0.1.0) lib/graphql_chat/auth.ex:54: GraphqlChat.Auth.create_user/1
        (graphql_chat 0.1.0) lib/graphql_chat_web/schema/resolvers/user_resolver.ex:5: Graphql_ChatWeb.Schema.Resolvers.UserResolver.register_user/3
        (absinthe 1.6.8) lib/absinthe/resolution.ex:209:
        (absinthe 1.6.8) lib/absinthe/phase/document/execution/resolution.ex:230: Absinthe.Phase.Document.Execution.Resolution.reduce_resolution/1
        (absinthe 1.6.8) lib/absinthe/phase/document/execution/resolution.ex:185: Absinthe.Phase.Document.Execution.Resolution.do_resolve_field/3
        (absinthe 1.6.8) lib/absinthe/phase/document/execution/resolution.ex:170: Absinthe.Phase.Document.Execution.Resolution.do_resolve_fields/6
        (absinthe 1.6.8) lib/absinthe/phase/document/execution/resolution.ex:88: Absinthe.Phase.Document.Execution.Resolution.walk_result/5
        (absinthe 1.6.8) lib/absinthe/phase/document/execution/resolution.ex:67: Absinthe.Phase.Document.Execution.Resolution.perform_resolution/3
        (absinthe 1.6.8) lib/absinthe/phase/document/execution/resolution.ex:24: Absinthe.Phase.Document.Execution.Resolution.resolve_current/3
        (absinthe 1.6.8) lib/absinthe/pipeline.ex:370: Absinthe.Pipeline.run_phase/3
        (absinthe_plug 1.5.8) lib/absinthe/plug.ex:536: Absinthe.Plug.run_query/4
        (absinthe_plug 1.5.8) lib/absinthe/plug.ex:290:
        (phoenix 1.6.10) lib/phoenix/router.ex:354: Phoenix.Router.__call__/2
        (graphql_chat 0.1.0) lib/graphql_chat_web/endpoint.ex:1: GraphqlChatWeb.Endpoint.plug_builder_call/2
        (graphql_chat 0.1.0) lib/plug/debugger.ex:136: GraphqlChatWeb.Endpoint."call (overridable 3)"/2
        (graphql_chat 0.1.0) lib/graphql_chat_web/endpoint.ex:1:
        (phoenix 1.6.10) lib/phoenix/endpoint/cowboy2_handler.ex:54: Phoenix.Endpoint.Cowboy2Handler.init/4

(note: I edited your post to include ``` fences to highlight code + terminal output)

You’ll need to install the compilers etc needed to build the Bcrypt package - there’s a wiki page about it.

Thanks a lot for the reply, I’ll look it over.