Using elixir 1.15 logger filter features

In the Logger docs it says:

Support for custom filters and handlers as provided by Erlang's :logger.

I really just want to create a simple filter that removes oban ecto queries from my output. I want to continue to see my own apps ecto queries. So I was thinking this would be a good way to do this but I’m not sure how. How do I create a filter as this bullet point suggests?

I found this on the internet and it looks correct: Elixir Logger and Erlang filters — TILs and Life

PRs to improve the docs will be very welcome too. :slight_smile:


There is a log option for Oban so you can control the log level, or even silence it with log: false

the logging I want to silence is coming from obans use of my ecto repo, not oban itself

Yes, understood—that’s what the log option is used for. From the Oban docs:

:log — either false to disable logging or a standard log level (:error, :warning, :info, :debug, etc.). This determines whether queries are logged or not; overriding the repo’s configured log level. Defaults to false, where no queries are logged.

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