Using enum columns in Ecto and Phoenix

I’ve been reading the source code to Level and saw this migration:

defmodule Level.Repo.Migrations.CreateSpaceUsers do
  use Ecto.Migration

  def up do
    execute("CREATE TYPE space_user_role AS ENUM ('OWNER','ADMIN','MEMBER')")
    execute("CREATE TYPE space_user_state AS ENUM ('ACTIVE','DISABLED')")

    create table(:space_users, primary_key: false) do
      # ...
      add :state, :space_user_state, null: false, default: "ACTIVE"
      add :role, :space_user_role, null: false, default: "MEMBER"


  def down do
    drop table(:space_users)
    execute("DROP TYPE space_user_role")
    execute("DROP TYPE space_user_state")

I don’t understand this line

add :role, :space_user_role, null: false, default: "MEMBER"

Specifically the passing of :space_user_role as the 2nd argument. I know that table is created at the beginning of up but don’t understand what passing a table name to add accomplishes. I looked at the docs but couldn’t find anything related to this. Can anyone explain what is going on here?


It looks like the 2nd argument is the field type which matches the Enum type created earlier in the migration.


Ah my eyes were playing tricks on me. I could have sworn that line was creating a roles table.

I’m coming from Rails and I’ve never seen this done before. I’ll read up a bit more on creating database types.

Thanks for your help!

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