Using flowbite w Phoenix 1.7 / Liveview... your experience?

We currently have a relatively simple UI built with Phoenix 1.7 / LiveView.

Our UX folks are interested in bringing in Flowbite, mostly because of its Figma integration.

Flowbite documentation has a section on using it with Phoenix, but I haven’t seen much real world data on this setup, and I wonder if anyone here has any experience or thoughts on this.

Have you considered or tried or deployed this setup? What are your thoughts / experience? Did it work well? Did you get enough value to justify taking on the dependency?

Thank you!

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I have been user Flowbite on a Phoenix LiveView app that I have been developing and my experience has been very positive. I’m only using what comes for free so far. As far as I can tell, all of the components are merely tailwind styled HTML. I’ve come to like this for being transparently explicit. If there is something that I need to change, I just modify the tailwind class attribute.


I’m using Flowbite with Phoenix 1.7 on a current project of mine. I think it’s pretty good, but I mostly just use the dark/light mode toggling and some example classes from the “Pro Blocks”. I don’t use any of the JS stuff they include because I found it hard to integrate/synchronize with LiveView.

I think it’s okay. I am exploring replacing it with something more component oriented like DaisyUI though.

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