Using GraphQL (Absinthe) as a gateway API

Dear community,

This is my first post in the wonderful elixir forum. :slight_smile:

I’m working for an eyewear company that sells products online and offline in flagship stores in the DACH region.

We are using Elixir in production for almost two years, for example as a cash register service using Phoenix/Absinthe/Ecto.

Our next big project is connecting a new ERP/Commerce platform to our existing Website.

We would like to continue our great journey with Elixir. I am curious what are you experience? Do you have any lessons learned or pitfalls you wanna share with me?


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The language and ecosystem are awesome in many ways – but have in mind that for a bit more niche-y things you are very likely to have to write a library.


It’s been five or six years now and I honestly have no complaints, it’s been a wonderful experience and the way we’ve dodged scaling headaches feels like cheating :slight_smile:

One thing I’m very glad we invested in: learning Absinthe deeply and making the effort to submit actual bug fixes, even when we weren’t 100% sure our fix was the right one.

Absinthe is a great project with great maintainers, but even popular Elixir libraries don’t have the same raw numbers of users (and thus potential contributors) that a big Java/Node/Ruby library does.

Knowing the core well enough to contribute back has let us resolve issues faster, deepen our understanding, and (most importantly of all) give back to a project that has had a massive positive impact on our day-to-day work as well as the business.