Using gRPC and Phoenix together

Hi guys, hope you are great.

I’m barely new using Elixir + Phoenix, but looking forward to learning as much as possible.

These days we’ve been building up a new microservice using Elixir + Phoenix. So, we are looking for high performance then we opt to experiment with gRPC. In a nutshell, we built up a little chat sample using it, worked out smoothly. The only thing is when trying to integrate this, I was having some problems with Phoenix and their coexistence.

My Question is, does anybody have experience working with both in order to serve both options like Phoenix(Rest) and Absinthe(GraphQL) working together, or it’s mandatory to choose only one between Phoenix or gRPC for the project sake?

I hope my explanation makes sense… Appreciate it

Hello and welcome,

You can easily namespace and use REST with GraphQL. The later being transport agnostic.

Phoenix AND gRPC, it’s not exclusive at all.

You’ll find some nice videos on YT searching for phoenix grpc.

You could use websocket as well.

Definitely looking at it, thanks a lot @kokolegorille

I was searching but no luck, do you happen to have one you recommend?

Yes, I was refering to this one…

and this one :slight_smile: