Using Joken for JWE?

It looks like the Joken lib is only able to sign and verify JWS tokens. I can see that it uses erlang-jose underneath for that. If I need to create JWEs, however, why wouldn’t I just use the latter library for both signing and encryption? I can’t find any examples of encrypting with erlang-jose a JWS created with Joken. I’m know my ignorance in such things is leaking out here but any guidance would be appreciated.

Or use JOSE, which supports:

Yeah that’s the same library that Joken is using under the hood. I just refereced it as “erlang-jose” b/c that’s the name at GH. Your point stands though. I’m wondering if for JWE generation it’s just best to use JOSE for all things JWT. Signing is not much more complicated - if at all - than using the Joken lib.