Using Livebook with Explorer & VegaLite for the R for Data Science book examples

I recently watched @BrooklinJazz’s great talk about using Livebook to teach students:

It inspired me to give Livebook a try for a data transformation project. It turned out to be perfect for the project, so now I’m a huge fan.

I wanted to get some more experience using Explorer and VegaLite.

I decided to try using Livebook, Explorer, and VegaLite for the exercises in the R for Data Science book.

Explorer takes influences mainly from the tidyverse which is a set of R packages for data science.

The examples worked very well. I went through Chapters 2, 4, and 6. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was relocate to reorder columns.

If you are curious, I’ve uploaded the csv files and Livebook to Github:


Thank you for sharing your experience!


Fantastic. I have opened an issue for it: Support relocating columns · Issue #603 · elixir-nx/explorer · GitHub