Using MongoDB as database for phoenix app 1.4

I am very new to Phoenix. I am trying to develop an app with Mongodb as database. i have now installed latest version of Phoenix i.e. 1.4. I believe this is a very basic question to ask, but kindly bear with it.
I have searched for a solution to use mongodb and found few links which are kind of bits and pieces and i was not sure to which version of Phoenix they refer to. So here are my questions.

  1. While using mongodb with phoenix 1.4, do we need Ecto? (I tried to create new project with “mix hello --database mongodb”, but it failed to recognize mongodb. only options available are postgres, mysql, mssql).
    – as i have read in an article that mongodb driver can be used. so not sure if ecto is reqiured.
  2. is there any link which can walk through the entire process of creating a new project with mongodb.

Thanks for taking time in reading my question.

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I believe this is a very basic question to ask

Not as basic as you may think as MongoDB isn’t as popular as it is in other communities.

Hex: mongodb, mongodb_ecto

Have you looked at


  • For learning Phoenix it might be easier to simply stick to the default PostgreSQL setup.
  • If you need to use MongoDB it may make more sense to get your bearings with plain Elixir first before you try to use it in Phoenix (How to use MongoDB With Elixir - Revisited (2016)).

It has been done … but pretty much expect this attitude:



No you do not. The mongo ecto adapter has not had work done on it for a little while. With the release of Ecto 3.0, I was going to try and get it updated, but have not yet found the time.

Not that I am aware of. Just add the mongodb package to your deps list. The documentation (linked by @peerreynders) shows the basics of using it. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me here, on the Elixir slack or on IRC.

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thank you @peerreynders and @ankhers for your inputs. As suggested by @peerreynders i will try practicing and getting my hands around phoenix with postgresql.
I will update on my progress.
Once again thanks for your time in addressing my concerns. it helped.

hi @chaitanya, I did an implementation of Mongodb and Phoenix. You can check in my repository

Hi @pierreabreup. The solution is amazing. And I really appreciate you recollecting this thread and updating me. I am currently checking GraphQL. I will make use of your work and will try to contribute to the GitHub respository.

ehhh No SQL, No SQL is passe. Now is New SQL :slight_smile:
SQL -> NO SQL -> and here we back again to SQL or rather New SQL (like google spanner, or crouch db)

Also Redhat ditched Mongo DB for PostgreSQL after Mongo DB changes licence :slight_smile:

MongoDB changed licence when AWS was hosting own MongoDB without any contribute back to MongoDB :slight_smile:. After MongoDB changed licence AWS screw MongoDB again creating theirs own version of MongoDB called documentdb

So MongoDB is screwed now :smiley: as open source database.

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