Using MYSQL enum in ecto migrations

I am using MYSQL instead of Postgres for my database. For Postgres it’s simple we can create a type using enum and use it in the migration to allow the values in the enum, but MYSQL doesn’t support this. Now, If I want the enum in the migrations. How can I do that with MYSQL? Let’s say this is my migration.

create table(:user) do

  add(:role, :string) # 'owner', 'worker', 'manager', 'pending_approval'
  add(:business_id, :string, null: false, default: "")

I only want to allow owner, worker, manager, pending approvals for role field.

I figure out a workaround for this. After creating a table with ecto migration. I executed SQL command to alter the table and add the enum column like this:

create table(:users) do
  add(:business_id, :string, null: false, default: "")

execute "ALTER TABLE users
   ADD role ENUM('owner', 'worker', 'manager', 'pending_approval');"