Using Nebulex Cache to store unverified email

  • Is it usual to store newly updated email, which is yet to be verified, in Nebulex Cache?

Instead of storing email in the database, and then setting the verified_email field to true, can I send the Cache key, which probably lasts a day, to the user along with an URL in the confirmation email, and only when user confirms the link, the email which is stored as the Cache value will then be stored in the database.

I’m not sure about the guarantees nebulex gives you so I ask you 3 questions:

  1. Does Nebulex guarantee to hold the cached values even after recovering from a systems crash or reboot?
  2. Does Nebulex guarantee to not purge before the time is over because there are too many cache entries so far?
  3. Is it acceptable for your user to redo the registering process if Nebulex forgot the key because of one of the former bulletpoints?

PS: The database (as a persistence layer) usually guarantees to keep the data in cases of 1 and 2, therefore I’d prefer the database over a caching layer, which is usually free to purge data early.