Using System.cmd in channel?


I am willing to use System.cmd within a channel message handling, there will be hundreds of concurrent message handling, each call will write temp file, use it with System.cmd and clean it after finish, there will be hundred of clients calling this message via channels.

The question is, is there any concerns I should consider when I do lots of concurrent command line at server? how would I make sure machine will not break? is there any recommendation? (ex: fast SSD )

What program are you running with System.cmd ?

It’s library written in c, here

input would be less than 1kb, output also less than 1kb…

Well, how expensive is it run that command with the inputs in your given limits? How many concurrent users do you expect to trigger such a run in a second/minute/hour frame and is your machine able to handle that load? Would it be able to handle further requests under this load? Does it have enough file descriptors available?

Starting a subshell costs 3 of them IIRC…

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Can you please explain that? what’s IIRC ?

An acronym, meaning “if I recall correctly”.