Using Webcomponents in LiveView - Pros and Cons

I am considering using Overview ( for the front-end part of the application.
Has anyone used web components as part of the LiveView? Will it slowdown the application significantly? Yes - handling forms might be unnecessarily complicated. Any other downsides? Is there any upside?

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I have no experience using web components with LiveView, but there was a good talk about it at ElixirConf 2021: ElixirConf 2021 - Chris Nelson - LiveView and Web Components - YouTube


I use custom components for small jobs in combination with live view. It worked very well so far.
When I want to give the full control of the tag content to the custom component, I put an phx-update=“ignore“ attributed at it. To pass data to the component via live view I use attributes and their change callbacks.

I would post example code here, but I am on vacation and my laptop had to stay at home.