Utopian System?

Hi there,

I’m thinking about writing my first project in Elixir/Phoenix.

I came up with and the idea of “Utopian System”, but this idea is fresh and needs some brainstorm… so here I am:)

Let’s call it “NEOPOLIS” - Simulation of NWO. It can be a game.
It’s an online community where everybody gets 100% each day to spend/vote (financial democracy), money (%) doesn’t accumulate, but there is the next step to it: Flow.

When You earn “money” You get a Flow boost.

For example:

A) Construction guy - helps x people, gets 321% Flow which is added to his wallet (100% minus daily spendings, + 321%)
B) Waitress - helps y people, gets 18% Flow, as above.
C) Web Developer - gets 36% daily Flow.
D) Jobless person/Invalid - 0 Flow, but still he gets 100% to spend.

In this case, an invalid which needs a wheelchair can give Flow to working citizen.

There is no taxes, except 1% daily support for government (so You get 99% to spend).

Car - 36% daily
House - 62% daily
Food - 12% daily
Phone - 3% daily

To sell you have to open a company - one person, or more people, you will choose how much hours you will give to that company (max 12h /day), and it will calculate daily income (flow).

To buy something that is expensive - automatically you can have credit (doh, 100% daily), but how much?
It’s calculated depending on your last 30 days flow and your age (assume, that people live 100 years).

There is a marketplace, so people can sell/buy goods and services, there is a learning platform, where they can boost their flow by learning, there is a ranking system where people can see who is on the top of helping others.

I’ve already made a prototype in PHP. But I still think this idea needs some brainstorming… Can You help me out? If this idea is stupid, tell me :smiley:

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Please do not add to it tons of expensive DLCs and micro transactions. :smiley:

A real Utopian System does not have literally any taxes. :077:

In a real Utopian System there are only developers and their robots. :smiley:

You completely forgot about transferring human minds to machines. Of course bad guys could say that in some cases it would be a waste of space, but that’s why they are called “bad guys”. :slight_smile:

There are lots of really hard NWO scenarios, but yours is not that light as you may think … First of all there is only job, buying & selling mentioned - where is for example fun? hahah

and so on … ok, now seriously …

On the process of simplify taxes you most probably forgot about other ways to increase amount of your money. Advertisement, investing and lots of stuff not mentioned here. You would need some knowledge of how such things works in practice. Give some random chance for fail and win for all taken decisions.

Finally every good thing needs to end, so you need to have an interesting ending of your story. You can have multiple endings and if for some reason none of them are reached you can anyway end this with a financial crush - that always works. Sorry, looks like I’m a “bad guy” here. :077:

In some cases it’s also good to attach a demo if you have. It’s easier to imagine how to make (let’s say) a web page better if you can click on it. :icon_wink: