V7 | Full Stack Developer | Full-Time | Remote (We are in London, UK)

Introductory paragraph

If you’re not familiar with V7, here’s what we do: https://youtu.be/iBpgSQk5Qyg

Most of the world’s growth and sustainability depends on tasks involving visual understanding, from the detection of disease, to the preservation of nature, to the manufacturing revolutions that pull communities out of poverty. V7’s goal is to create a tool to solve any visual task, and put it in the hands of any business. We are a platform to develop customized AI combining automated image annotation, dataset management, and model training to create an almost magical end-to-end experience in bringing autonomous intelligence to life through teachable human actions.

About us

My name: Alberto Rizzoli
My position: CEO
Company name: V7
Website: https://v7labs.com
Country: United Kingdom
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):

We are a venture-backed team of 8, harnessing and curating the ML-ops of some of the world’s most ambtious tech companies and AI startups. We’re competing with some of the best-funded labelling & ML-ops teams out there, and winning. What sets us apart is our team’s obsession with pushing our product to where AI will be three years from today. That is where you come in.

About the job

Job title: Full Stack Developer (Elixir)
Job description:

Joining a small startup team, you will create a lasting impact on the company and have the opportunity to shape culture and products around your vision and personality. Your work will enable hundreds of developer teams to reshape human society in ways never seen before, some of which leverage V7 for:

  • Fighting climate change by analyzing shorelines via satellites.
  • Improving the welfare of farm animals by spotting ill cattle while they can still be treated.
  • Using drones to scan the aftermath of hurricanes and spot areas locked-off from ground access.
  • Understanding the severity of COVID-19 to predict the chance of ICU admission.
  • Identifying the healthiest embryos in IVF to create new, healthy human lives.
  • Teaching robots how to prepare a salad.

Full stack engineers at V7 ensure that complex operations involving visual data can be performed smoothly through a web interface. This particular opening is focused on maximizing our platform’s usability by introducing power-user features requiring back-end support. Here’s some things your counterpart developed in the last 3 months:

  • A system to route images or videos as actionable tasks through a workflow involving customizable filter and sampling parameters, in order to create the “assembly lines” required to train AI.
  • A method of speeding up the performance of vector-based brush tools to handle millions of vertices in real-time.
  • A system to edit annotations in video including complex polygon interpolations: https://www.v7labs.com/academy/video-annotation
  • A system to convert data from JSON formats to a variety of formats used by deep learning scientists to enable V7 to act as a hub across any other ML tool.
  • A method to change the visualization parameters of images to support radiological windowing and colour maps to see what the naked eye cannot reveal in MRI scans.

Full-stack roles at V7 are supported by experienced front-end developers and designers.

Our BE is in Elixir (Erlang) with Phoenix, and FE is Vue.js. Our deep learning framework of choice is Pytorch. We don’t expect you to know Pytorch. If you don’t know Elixir, that’s ok, but you’ll have to learn it.

Salary range: £60k - £80k
Position on remote work: Remove available
Qualifications or experience required: 1+ year of elixir experience. Familiarity with Vue.js preferred but not necessary.

About the interview process

Interview details are covered in the first stage, which is a 15 minute informal call. We have a relatively quick 4 stage process.

Further info

Apply on AngelList https://angel.co/company/vseven/jobs/1028198-full-stack-developer

or at jobs [at] v7labs.com