Validate JSON response against SWAGGER document


I have a swagger document for a web-service, I want to validate that the response from the service (JSON) matches the format defined by the SWAGGER doc.

I have found myriad ways of testing to make sure the swagger is valid, and for testing against a JSON Schema, but next to nothing on validating data against the swagger doc.

Thanks in advance


Have you tried the validation features in Perhaps the test response validator could be of use?


Thanks, will look there!

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Which version of swagger are you using?

open_api_spex is a bit like phoenix swagger but targets swagger (open api) 3.0.

It doesn’t support reading the swagger document from file yet, so might not be what you’re looking for.


Thanks will look at that too.

I did come up with a hybrid solution, I found a python app which extract the schema from the swagger and then used ExJsonSchema to validate, works great on my mac, unfortunately not so well on a windows PC for work, I believe it’s the difference in file paths i.e. ‘’ vs ‘/’.

Anyway thanks of the info, I will go read up on it.


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Hi @afulki,

Were you able to find something concerte for Validating JSON response against swagger document?
I am having no luck, if you could help a little.


I didn’t find an easy solution, I wrote a small command line app in Elixir which executes the python script as a system call.This results in the swagger being split into a series of JSON Schema files, in a subdirectory, as I know the operation (passed in the command line) I also know which operation I’m testing. So I can open the appropriate JSON schema file and compare that against the response from the web-service.

I’m sorry I can’t share the source, it was written on the company time :slightly_frowning_face: