Vela → Time Series Cache

Vela library is a cache-like state holder for several series. It sieves the incoming data and keeps the last N non-stale correct values for each series.

Introduction article:



One thing - are you 100% of that unicode name for δ function? It is not that easy to use, and probably someone who is not accustomed to the statistics may even not be able to recognise this function.

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Unicode is my whim I am not going to renounce :slight_smile: I also everywhere use λ as the variable name for anonymous functions.

Jokes aside, this function exists only because I wanted this δ to appear there. I could even have made it @doc false; the behaviour, implemented by all real objects, has delta/2, which does effectively the same.

Anyway, thanks for nitpicking!

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Since v0.8.1, Vela allows a corrector/3 callback to allow correction of rejected values.

That might be useful for out-of-the-box implementation of Low-pass filter.