Verbalex - A library for creating complex, composable regular expressions with the reader & writer in mind

I’ve recently published v0.1.0-dev of my first library - an Elixir port of the popular Verbal Expressions family of libraries. I’m sure it has plenty of issues at this early stage, but it was a lot of fun to write. All feedback is appreciated!

Source code


Nice, but my main question is how it is different from nimble_parsec? I mean, both of these build FSM (one as a regex another as a functions) and provide a way to have “compassable regular expressions with the reader & writer in mind” using your words.

I tried nimble_parsec once and didn’t like it. I especially didn’t like the output it gives because it was a weird nested list or whatever.

The example on the Verbalex README looks really clean and understandable to me.

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Most likely it was an IO list (aka IO data). It is a very useful data structure introduced here and described in more detail here.