Versioce - version bumping and changelog generation for your project

Hello everyone. I some time ago I published my first and fairly small elixir package to hex.

It provides a mix task to version bump your project and generate changelog. It has batteries for working with your git repo to generate releases as well as formatting a changelog, but is highly customisable with its hook system allowing you to write your own parts of the flow or combine them how you please.

I tried to document as much stuff as I could, as well as the project itself can be used as an example usage of the library.

Contributions, open issues, etc are always welcome :slight_smile:

This was a fun small projects where I learned a thing or two, and was heavily inspired by an awesome talk on elixirconf by Jeremy Searls (ElixirConf 2020 - Jeremy Searls - If you programmed here, you’d be home already! - YouTube)



Wow! This is awesome! So humbling that you saw my talk and were inspired to build something. This absolutely made my week. Thanks for the kind words. I’d love to try out your project with Attrition, really clever idea!