Veteran SwDev, new to Elixir

Hi, I am Rafael Lefever, moved from Belgium to Poland in 2019 and I got enchanted by the Elixir eco system about 8 months ago. I studied “Elixir in Action” and completed the Bootcamp/Elixir Udemy course.
I have a total of around 40 years SwDev experience, of which 30 as a professional. Main languages so far: C# (21y), Golang (1y), OO Pascal (15y)…and then a few more. I have been working in Architecture in the past 25 years, have a very good command of ES/CQRS. I run a small software house ( and this is my github page (rgfaber (R.G. Lefever) · GitHub).
I am looking for co-operation in the Elixir Ecosystem,


Thanks for sharing! :heart:

What kind of cooperation are you aiming at? Helping an open-source project?


Hi and thank you for the response.
Helping at an OS project would be a nice safe start to gain some real-life experience indeed.
Do you have one?

Best regards

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I still have on old idea but can’t recommend it with clear conscience since I can’t devote even minor amounts of time to it. Really glad to hear somebody out there is willing to help though! Hope somebody else chimes in.


Hey @beamologist … so many years ago, there was a thread - Missing libraries and tools

I think there’s still a gap in the payment ecosystem as there’s no official clients for paypal/stripe/paddle, but other than that, I’m not really sure what would be impactful.

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Hi and thanks for the pointer.
I’ll check it out!