Video processing and editing in Elixir


I have a project where I will need to process video, find some markers on it and output video with some additional information on top (for example draw the path that marker travelled on that video and calculate the distance).

Video formats are up to me to decide.

It doesn’t have to be online.

I couldn’t find any libraries that convert video into a stream of frames that I could use to calculate marker positions. Do you know any?
Do you think it is feasible to do in Elixir (since it is mine primary programming language) or should I switch to something else like Python?

I remember this talk that could point you in the right direction:

He outsources a lot of the work to FFMPEG.

This might also be of interest:

Thanks guys!

I’ve watched the presentation and did some more research. Looks like for marker detection it is better to go with opencv, aruco markers and Python bindings. I may still use Elixir if we decide to capture video online with mobile phone and process in on the server.

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