Video tutorial: Speed Learn Elixir & Phoenix Testing 101

Elixir & Phoenix Testing 101

Hi guys, I’d like to get into creating more educational videos focuses on building web apps with Phoenix. Here’s an introductory video on testing. Let me know any feedback or suggestions.


The video looks good,
1 I think if add guiding voice to video it would be better to understand,
2 do self contained videos and publish through FreeCodeCamp channel they have millions of subscribers

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Not sure if this is helpful, but personally I would also like to see “what not to do and this is why” - like for example what would be a inefficient way of doing testing in elixir

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Great video, like how you focused on the basics and explained why we’d use a tool to make life easier, rather than just jumping straight to the tool. Surprised that you didn’t share it earlier since your video’s been up from September. Keen for more.

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