VIM Elixir folding


So recently I moved in to Vim 8.1, trying to have an IDE I can simply take to any UNIX machine.
As part of this process, I am now picking which plugins to use for Elixir.


I miss a lot the ability to fold code. Thus naturally I am looking for an Elixir folding plugin for Vim, but I only found 1:

That’s it. It has no documentation on the Readme nor any additional install install information for PlugInstall which I use.

I also found a blog:

But it is for swagger comments which I don’t really care about nor use.

If this sounds like a silly post, please notice I have just recently moved to Vim and I am still learning.


  • Which code folders to you use for Elixir in your Vim setup?
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What does :echo &foldmethod return? I am using syntax with just vim-elixir and everything works as expected without any problems.

Vim supports few different folding methods and you need to be sure that you use the one you want.


returns “manual”

So you need to manually create folds. If you want more automatic solution then add:

set foldmethod=syntax

in your $MYVIMRC and it will work.


I wouldn’t look at a specific Elixir folding plugin, look more general Vim. Maybe this will help?