Vim syntax highlighting for liveview code

I am using vim-elixir for syntax highlighting in vim, but it does not support liveview code very well.

Does anybody know a vim syntax highlighting plugin that supports liveviews?

Take a look at vim-polyglot. It might support it

Do you mean (l)eex templates? Or the actual LiveView modules - which should just be the same as normal old elixir, right?

That only supports the vim-elixir plugin that I am already using, I do not see anything else Phoenix/Elixir related there.

I am seeing mainly issues inside <%= %> tags.

On it is stated that it does not support Live views yet.
I understand that these <%= %> tags are actually part of Elixir, is that correct? (Sorry, I am fairly new to Phoenix/Elixir). So I am not sure if the plugin does not support these tags at all, or only not if they are part of a live view module.

I have vim-elixir and it works fine. And have for some time. Both in ~L sigil and using a template file.

Make sure to clean out your old files vim plug installations and re-install them. I think that for me, an update didnt just work.

Good to know it should be working!
I did not have any old plug installations at all. Recently moved to a new system (Ubuntu on WSL), and I had not even a .vim directory. So it was a first and fresh installment of vim-elixir.

Just to note: there is syntax coloring inside the rendering stuff, it just is done inconsistently. You do not see any inconsistencies at all?

I don’t personally enable any syntax highlighting, so not sure how that performs. I did have trouble with indentation sometimes.

I use Temple to write my templates though, which are “just elixir”, so the normal tooling works really well there.