Visual Studio Code ElixirLS erroneous dialyzer warnings

In Visual Studio Code only, running mix dialyzer does not find a problem:

defmodule BlahBlah.Repo do
  use Ecto.Repo,
    otp_app: :blahblah,
    adapter: Ecto.Adapters.Postgres
Callback info about the Ecto.Repo behaviour is not available.

There is another question about this exact error in Phoenix framework, but I’m not using Phoenix and there didn’t seem to be a resolution.

Same warning when I use Ecto.Type.

The repo is defined exactly as Ecto says on hexdocs. How do I make this warning go away? It is acceptable if I can just suppress that particular warning for that particular module.

Does restarting ElixirLS or removing dialyzer data from .elixir_ls/dialyzer* help? If not please post a repo that reproduces this problem

rm -rf .elixir_ls/dialyzer_*

This worked, thank you! New trick for my toolbox.