Visual Studio Code extension to view .beam files



Made this little helper while learning Elixir. Have to finish few last details and will publish it to the Marketplace.

Decompile BEAM files to Elixir source code
Erlang opcode counting at runtime

This is excellent! I’ve wanted this for VS Code since it was added to the IntelliJ Elixir plugin. This is an awesome development in the community.


Great! Thanks for mentioning IntelliJ plugin. I was missing parsing 3 chunks, and I can’t find documentation about these sections. IntelliJ plugin has 2 out of 3 documented and implemented. :+1:


I have published preview of the extension. You can install it now from the MarketPlace



For searchability I think it might be a good idea to add “Elixir” to your marketplace description somewhere.


Yes, I have “elixir” tag in the list and I will include something in the description as well.

Thank you for the suggestion!


Started on adding BEAMdasm to Atom


Wow, this is so cool! :slight_smile: I don’t know the faintest thing about BEAM files, but now I can learn! Such a great tool. Thank you so much.


You are very welcome!

This is just a preview to get first feedback. I am working on making the presentation better, better separation of functions, more colors, making certain things configurable.

Again any feedback and contributions are welcome!

Oh! I am a big fan of the Code::Stats! Great work!


Hi there - how does this work? I’m working on alchemist.el, reworking the back-end so it uses the LSP protocol, and this kind of feature may be quite nice if it’s easy enough to make it use that kind of code path.


It reads the binary file and parses it according with the BEAM format specification:


Just pubshed first non-preview version :smile: