Vs code vim plugin issues

Recently I’ve been noticing some weirdness with the vim plugin for VS Code. Some commands make the cursor jump to the last line of the module after the action occurs. Especially with ‘:w’ and ‘dd’. Has anyone else seen this?


I didn’t notice that one but several other very annoying breakages occurred with new releases… they’d fix issues then new ones popped up. One of them randomly deleted single characters breaking my compiles.

I couldn’t take it anymore and switched back to ST3 with Neovintageous and the LSP plugin talking to elixir-ls which works better for me.

Really hoping https://github.com/onivim/oni2 saves the day!

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If this is happening when you have the buffer split, it is a known issue. https://github.com/VSCodeVim/Vim/issues/3455 . It’s maddening when it happens, but vscode in vim mode + elixirls is still the best environment for me.

I agree vs code with elixir-last and vim emulator is pretty awesome.