VSCode errors in script in template file after upgrade to Elixir 1.13.3

I created a project recently while running Elixir 1.12.3. A template file contains this script:

    document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
        window.createSocket(<%= @topic.id %>)

This was working with no errors shown in VS Code.

I upgraded to Elixir 1.13.3 today - there was a different issue that caused me to do that. But, now the script throws a bunch of errors. One is related to javascript decorators:

	"resource": "/c:/Users/.../show.html.heex",
	"owner": "_generated_diagnostic_collection_name_#1",
	"severity": 8,
	"message": "Experimental support for decorators is a feature that is subject to change in a future release. Set the 'experimentalDecorators' option in your 'tsconfig' or 'jsconfig' to remove this warning.",
	"source": "javascript",
	"startLineNumber": 13,
	"startColumn": 33,
	"endLineNumber": 13,
	"endColumn": 42

Then there are several like this, referring to different positions on the line with windows.createSocket(…):
Expression expected. javascript [13, 29]

I don’t know if the 2 types of errors are related. In the VS Code settings, I added:
“js/ts.implicitProjectConfig.experimentalDecorators”: true
in settings.json, but that error still appears.

The app is using a channel to allow users to add comments to blog posts. The script opens the channel when the page showing the post is rendered. Prior to upgrading Elixir, when a comment was added, it was rendered immediately on the page. After upgrading to 1.13.3, that isn’t happening, even though the app is running.

Is there a known issue about this, or is there another way to open the channel so it

Thanks! :smiley:

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That should be singular window?


Actually, in the code, the line is window.createSocket(…), as shown at the top of my post. I typed it incorrectly later.

Ok no problem. What is defining the createSocket() function? I don’t recognize that as part of the Phoenix framework.

Is it possible that you upgraded an npm dependency at the same time and that’s causing errors?